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Does Vimax Scam? Medical experts say that 90% of all penis enlargement websites are a scam, so of course we definitely want to know if Vimax is one of them before we purchase the product. vimax scam

The most common scam if you purchase online is the money-back guarantee offer. Many products, including male enhancement products, don’t have a legitimate customer service center.

So, what usually happens if you’re not satisfied with the product is you can’t return it in order to get a full refund. Even if you are still within the 60 day or 90 day window, and no one responds to your complaints, you simply can’t get your money back.

Worse, there are some products (usually a new product) that charge your credit card for a “promotion” price, but what you don’t know is, they have actually signed you up for a yearly subscription. It is an absolute nightmare when you try to straighten this out.


What Are The Reported Vimax Scams?

There are reports that Vimax does not honor their money-back guarantee. Some customers say that no one answers the customer service hotlines to help you out with any concerns. Sending emails won’t work as well since the result is the same, in that they won’t reply, especially if it is an escalated case.

Other than these horrendous reports, there are also some testimonials found on some sites that give negative feedback about Vimax. They say that the product does not work and you will be wasting your money if you try the 60 day money-back offer.


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Are all these reports true? When I took a closer look on these issues, I found out that there are misunderstandings, and also some reports are created primarily for black propaganda.


What Are The Misconceptions About Vimax Scam?

Regarding the issue about customer service and the refunds, these are nothing but black propaganda. I’m using Vimax and I have called their customer service hotline a few times, and each time I’ve done so, their customer service representatives have been friendly and helpful.

vimax scamI’ve never experienced any problem with how they answer my questions. I haven’t yet tried their refund policy because Vimax has worked for me, and I don’t plan to stop using it until I get the full result.

I have a friend who returned the package before 60 days and he said that he got his refund. Vimax have been in the business for over 10 years now, and I don’t think that they would have been around that long if they were ripping off their customers.


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Regarding its effectiveness – Vimax did what the company says it can do. It enhances your sexual activity and increases your length and girth. It will also work without male enhancement exercises, but it will take some time.


My Conclusion about Vimax Scam.

Trying to topple a well established product needs plenty of black propaganda. This is the strategy adopted by the competitors of Vimax. There is no question that the product is safe and effective.

It has been helping men for a long time now, and it’s probably saved thousands of marriages since it first appeared on the market. There’s one thing I can guarantee – “Vimax works and the Vimax Scam does not exist”.


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